Outstanding MHO Volunteer Dave Benham Dies at Age 66

Dave was an active volunteer at MHO and he and his talents will be missed. His work on the SuperSID project of the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA) helped add to the scientific legacy of the observatory. Dave was on the Board of Directors of SARA also. He is remembered for being an enthusiastic mentor to many DIYers from places as far as Uruguay. He also shared his knowledge and experience freely with anyone who sought his help and expertise in radio astronomy.

Pat Seitzer recalls, "I had dinner with a South African friend who was putting a SID setup together in Johannesburg. He had some questions, so I suggested he email Dave. Turned out he already had and Dave was most helpful. It really is a small world. My friend was very impressed with Dave's knowledge and willingness to help."

Being an avid ham radio operator, Dave was a member of the Hazel Park (MI) Amateur Radio Club. He also was a member of the University Low Brow Astronomers club at the University of Michigan. Earlier in life he obtained his Master’s Degree in Counseling & Guidance from Michigan State University. He served at Chrysler for 20 years as a Supplier Quality Specialist. His survivors include his wife of 41 years, Joanne, son David R. Benham Jr., and daughter-in-law, Anne Marie.